Civil society and media


Self-assessment of quality of relationships:


Why we engage

We maintain an open relationship with the media, believing that an informed media is better able to serve public reporting and debate on any issue.

We continue to update the media on our belief that it’s our responsibility to use the full potential of each tree we harvest. We engage with civil society organisations on issues of mutual interest and belong to key organisations relevant to our operations. We engage with various civil society groups on our societal and development impact.

Globally we interact and engage with a wide range of non-governmental organisations, especially through our participation with the forest certification systems (FSC, PEFC and SFI®) and our International Stakeholder membership of the PEFC. We leverage these platforms to actively contribute to the growth of forest certification world-wide and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

Shared priorities   Our response

Business developments

The future of our

Our impacts on our

Protecting the

  • Join key credible organisations as members
  • Develop personal relationships and engage continually
  • Provide support to and sponsorship for key organisations on issues of mutual interest


We are actively involved in The Forests Dialogue (TFD) Steering Committee and provide annual sponsorship to the organisation. We contributed to the development of a new Forests & Climate initiative and supported the development of a number of publications including TFD's 20th anniversary book.


We support the Ruffed Grouse Society efforts and the University of Minnesota Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative.


In terms of civil society, our forestry operations belong to a number of fire associations, given that fire is a key risk on our plantations. We also provide funding for BirdLife South Africa and have established a project that coordinated efforts to re- establish the Warburgia salutaris (pepper-bark tree) in communities and the wild.

Opportunities for value creation

  • Inform and educate media
  • Encourage civil society to share our sustainability and Thrive25 vision through positive actions

Challenges for value creation

  • Misunderstanding of our environmental impacts